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Clinical rotations (Famulatur) abroad


Clinical rotations (Famulatur) are completed after the first examination in medicine and the practical year. A rotation may not coincide with the lecture period, but must instead be scheduled over a four-month block during the lecture-free period. This block is structured as follows: 1. One month (30 calendar days) in an

  • outpatient health care facility that is under the supervision of qualified physician


  • in a suitable medical practice

2. Two months (60 calendar days) in a hospital 3. One month (30 calendar days) in a primary care facility A clinical rotation (Famulatur) at a primary care facility cannot be completed abroad.

Independently submitted application

You should start planning your clinical rotation (Famulatur) about 12 months before the date you intend to start it. You will be required to establish contact yourself with practices and hospitals abroad. A list with contact details of the responsible persons for internships in practices and hospitals abroad can be found at www.electives.net/splash. Once you have the contact information, send a short cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV), preferably in the local language, to your preferred clinical rotation site. Your covering letter should detail:

  • When you wish to complete your clinical rotation (Famulatur)
  • At what phase of your studies you are in
  • Why you want to complete a rotation in the facility in question
  • And you need to submit documentary evidence that you are studying medicine (preliminary medical examination certificate, enrolment certificate)

As soon as you have been accepted, it is essential that before you start your clinical rotation (Famulatur) you clarify with the State Examination Board whether it will be recognized in Germany.

Financial support

Unfortunately, funding in the form of a PROMOS scholarship is not possible.


At www.bvmd.de, students can find detailed information on clinical rotations (Famulatur) and a list of individual countries in which these are offered. It is necessary to actively apply for a clinical rotation abroad. You can find information on the application process at: https://www.bvmd.de/unsere-arbeit/austausch/bewerbungsablauf/

The BVMD charges an application fee of €150. As exchange places are allocated bilaterally, there are no further costs. If you are not offered a place, you will be refunded the sum of €130 after deduction of a processing fee of €20. Online applications must be submitted in full by 30 April or 31 October each year or they will be deemed invalid. The prerequisites are an already completed 4-week clinical rotation (Famulatur) and a good knowledge of English.

Recognition of clinical rotations (Famulatur) completed abroad

You will need to independently verify yourself that your clinical rotation (Famulatur) will be recognized by the State Examination Board. The following documents are required for this:

  • A formless application for recognition (should include personal data, the name of the institution and the period of time), and
  • A clinical rotation diploma issued by the supervising practice or hospital. You can find a document template on the following site: www.um-mainz.de/rfl/studium-lehre/studiengang-medizin/praktikafamulatur.html
  • If your clinical rotation (Famulatur) is completed in a medical practice, you will require a copy of the certificate confirming the licensing of the medical practice or a certificate from a health authority confirming it is a recognized medical practice. For more information, see:https://lsjv.rlp.de/fileadmin/lsjv/Dateien/Aufgaben/Arbeit/LPA/Medizin/Klinischer_Bereich/MB_Famulatur.pdf

Clinical rotations (Famulatur) for dentistry students