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Promotion of Gender Equality and Diversity

The University Medical Center Mainz is dedicated to promoting gender equality and diversity. To this end, UMC has established several targeted measures and subsidies, including:


Guidance and Coaching


Dagmar Eißner Promotion Prize for Young Researchers

Childcare / KidsBox

Dual Career Network



Guidance and Coaching

The Gender Equality Office (Frauen und Gleichstellungsbüro) of the University Medical Center Mainz is committed to the sustainable realization of equality between women and men at all career levels and in all areas of university medicine. The Gender Equality Officers are happy to provide advice and information on the following topics:


  • projects related to gender equality projects and the promotion of women
  • gender consulting in third-party funded projects
  • compatibility of work and private life
  • assistance with crises and experiences of violence
  • career planning: goals and strategies
  • problems with supervisors, colleagues, or employees related to gender equality
  • work-life-balance related to gender equality
  • dealing with difficult decisions
  • individual career planning
  • advice on sexual harassment and sexual violence at work



Gender Equality Office

Room 503-507, Bldg. 601, 5. OG.

Langenbeckstr. 1 55131 Mainz

Tel.: 06131 17-3370


Homepage (GER):


Medizin Mentoring an der Universitätsmedizin Mainz (MeMentUM) is a mentoring program for young researchers at UMC-Mainz. To mark its tenth anniversary, the program was renamed in 2018 from the Edith Heischkel-Mentoring-Programm (EHMP) to MeMentUm. Junior researchers selected to participate receive one-on-one mentoring from an established researcher for one year. In addition to this unique mentoring opportunity, a versatile workshop program and the opportunity to network with other female scientists are also offered as part of the program. Further information can be found here (GER).

Dagmar Eißner Promotion Prize for Young Researchers

The University Medical Center Mainz awards the Dagmar Eißner Prize for Young Researchers as part of its program Promotion of Women Scientists. The prize is awarded to scientific papers that have been published (or been accepted for publication) in the previous year. The prize is endowed with 3,000 €. The announcement is limited to female scientists of the University Medical Center Mainz who have not yet reached the age of 35 at the time of application (child care and family nursing periods, and/or other life circumstances, analogous to the DFG Guidelines, will be taken into account). The call will be published by the Chief Scientific Officer at the beginning of each year.

Gutenberg Council for Young Researcher (GNK)

The Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers (GNK) is a central scientific institution of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz whose main purpose is the promotion and interdisciplinary networking of young researchers and artists at JGU. GNK receives funding from the Research Initiative Rhineland Palatinate. This allows for the implementation of continued support measures for junior researchers, such as the "Career Perspectives for PostDocs" project or the Portal for young researchers and artists.


Detailed information on the support opportunities available through the GNK can be found here.

Childcare / Kids Box

There are three childcare facilities at UMC-Mainz: the Day Care Center Zahlbach, the UNImediminis Nursery, and the Villa Nees Children's Home. More information these facilities is available here (GER).


In addition, there is a KidsBox, a mobile child's room, is available. The box contains many high-quality toys for babies and school-aged children, diverse hygiene products, and a space that can used for napping or as changing station. If you would like to use the KidsBox, please send  us an email to make arrangements.

Dual Career Network

The Mainz University Medical Center is intensifying its efforts to support dual career couples and has joined the Dual Career Network Metropolitan Region Rhine-Main for this purpose.


Dr. Ulf Arnold-Fabian

Tel.: 06131 17-9798