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Notification of Third-Party Funding

All research associates at the University Medical Center Mainz are required by law to report every project receiving third-party funding. Notification of such a project can be completed by submitting the form found below. In accordance with the resolution of the Fachbereichsrat from 5 November 2009, this form must be submitted to the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) before commencement of the project, if the project has not already been signed off by the CSO.

Due to the application's digitalisation for opening a cost centre, you will find the notification of a third-party funded project and the application for the cost centre's opening summarised in the document linked below.

The form is accessible via the third-party funding administration's download area (intranet).


Dr. Angela Clement
Deputy Head of the Department / Research Advisor
Tel.: 06131 39-29403