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Outline - Medicale Degree Program

The training/education of doctors/health care professionals is regulated nationally by the approbation regulations for doctors/health care professionals (ÄAppO). Information on the organisation and content of the study sections as well as on the lectures, courses and practical training can be found in study (Approbations-) and study regulation (Studienordnung (Pdf-file, 67,1 KB); in German).

The standard study duration is 6 years and 3 months.


First Study Phase - preclinical area (vorklinischer Bereich)


1st – 4th semester


First Section of State Medical Examination (M1)


Written Section:

320 questions

Oral Practical Section:

Biochemistry/Molecular biology

Second Study Phase - clinical area (klinischer Bereich)


5th – 10th semester


Final Year (Praktisches Jahr [PJ])


11th and 12th semester


Second Section of the State Medical Examination (M2)


Written Section:

320 questions

Oral Practical Section:

Internal Medicine
Optinal Subject

First Study Phase 1st – 4th semester

  • Attendance at lectures, practice sessions, seminars and internship.
  • When registering for the first study phase of the state medical examination, it is necessary to provide evidence of, amongst others, first aid training and three months of nursing service.
  • The objective is education and training in the basic principles of medicine and science (medical terminology, biology, physics, chemistry, medical psychology, anatomy, physiology and biochemistry) with clinical references.
  • First section of the state medical examination.

Second Study Phase 5th – 12th Semester

  • On site, in the departments of the Universitätsmedizin  (university medical centre), the students learn methods and techniques on how to recognise diseases of the human organism. In the individual university hospital departments they will acquire specialised knowledge in clinical medicine. The teaching of the cross-sectional areas is designed to provide a multidisciplinary view of the diseases.
  • Lesson and course-related, graded certificates are to be brought to all the  lectures and courses.
  • The last year of the clinical phase is completed as a 'last year' in the Universitätsmedizin or at a teaching hospital. This involves a 48-week period and has a stronger focus on practical and clinical education and training. The students develop their practical skills in internal medicine, surgery and in a clinical-practical optional-subject.
  • At the registration for the second phase of the state medical examination (M2), it is necessary to provide evidence of non-university internship or work in a hospital and doctor’s surgery (clinical traineeship) with duration of four months.
  • Second section of the state medical examination (M2).