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Application for Admission

Application for Admission

Here you will find all the important information for your application for admission to JGU.

There is a nationwide admission restriction for medicine and dentistry programs because there are significantly more applicants to these programs than the universities can accommodate. The spots are allocated centrally by the the 'Foundation for university admission' (‘Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung’) in accordance with the predetermined admission procedures of the individual states (in Germany).


Admission Quota

A-Level-Average-Rating (Abiturdurchschnittsnote)


Qualifying period


Selection to the universities


It is possible to begin your human medicine study or dentistry study in the winter or summer semesters at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (JGU).

The application for admission takes place online via the website of the Foundation for University Admission ('Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung'), there are two application deadlines per year. You find further information about the application procedures on the Central Office for University Admission at It is not possible to apply directly to either the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz or the Universitätsmedizin Mainz.


Since the winter semester 2010/2011, in the 'selection to the universities' ('Auswahlverfahren der Hochschulen'), the JGU Mainz has been offering all university places according to an A-level-average-rating ('Abiturdurchschnittsnote') and the result of the 'Test for Medical Degrees' ('TMS'). Only applicants who have given Mainz as their 1st3rd choice for their preferred location will be considered. The TMS has been introduced as an additional selection criterion, alongside the A-level-average-rating, in order to give those more interested in studying medicine a chance for a spot in the program.

The TMS is a science-based, specialised study ability test which is carried out simultaneously in more than 25 test locations in Germany. In addition to the Universitätsmedizin Mainz, all other universities in Baden-Wurttemberg offering medical studies, as well as some other universities (Lübeck, Bochum), will take the test results into consideration in their selection procedures.

Participation in the TMS is voluntary. The applicants can independently decide whether the inclusion of the test results would improve their individual chances in the selection procedure or not. If the test result is submitted, the A-Level-grade ('Abiturabschlussnote') of 51% and the TMS result of 49% will be entered in the ranking of the applicants for a study place. The TMS would definitely not impair the applicant’s chances because the allocation of university places automatically checks whether the test result is better than the A-level-grade ('Abiturabschlussnote').

Starting in the 2011 summer semester, applicants with a successful professional training in public health get a score-bonus ('Notenwert') of 0.4. In accordance with the regulations for the allocation of study places ('Studienplatzvergabeverordnung [StPVVO]') in Rhineland-Palatinate. Health professions which will be considered are as follows:

Nurses for the elderly;


Occupational therapists;

Occupational health nurses and paediatric nurses;

Occupational health nurses

Midwives / male midwives;

Speech therapists;

Masseuses and masseurs, as well as baineotherapists;

Medical laboratory scientists and medical laboratory scientists for functional diagnostics;

Medical laboratory assistants;

Medical laboratory assistant for radiology;


Pharmaceutical technical assistants;




Veterinary medical laboratory assistants.

You get information about the selection criteria at the Ordinance of the allocation of study places (Studienplatzvergabeverordnung (Pdf-file, 336,7 KB)), of the selection-statute at the Johannes Gutenberg-University (Auswahlsatzung der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (Pdf-file, 165,2 KB)) as well as from the decision from the Faculty Council of the Universitätsmedizin Mainz about the conditions to participation at the TMS (Beschluss des Fachbereichsrates der Universitätsmedizin über die für die Teilnahme am TMS geltenden Bedingungen (Pdf-file, 25,3 KB)).

The TMS takes place once a year. The next test has been set for the 7th May 2011. The registration for this is from the 1st December 2010 to the 15th January 2011 (cut-off period), see this site, you will find further information about the TMS as well as practice exercises.

Application-deadline of the Central Office for University Admission

There are various deadlines for admission to the medicine and dentistry programs which are adjusted to the date of the attainment of the university entrance entitlement.

Application for the summer semester:

From 30th November (of the preceding year) to the 15th January of each year;
Please read more about the exact deadlines on the 'Foundation for University Admission' ('Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung').

Application for the winter semester:

From 31st May to the 15th July of each year;
Please read more about the exact deadlines on the 'Foundation for University Admission' ('Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung').

Study for professionally qualified person without an A-Level

At the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, there is also an opportunity for study for professionally qualified person without an A-Level. A prerequisite is completed professional training with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 as well as a sufficient connection between the content of the professional training, the actual occupation and the desired degree program.

On the homepage of the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, you can find further information on the requirements ('Voraussetzungen') and the application process ('Bewerbungsablauf').

Please allow at least six weeks for the application process.

30.11. for an application for the summer semester

31.05. for an application for the winter semester

At the very latest upon enrollment you must meet with an advisor from the Central Study Advice ('Zentrale Studienberatung') and the Academic Advising ('Studienfachberatung'). It is useful to take advantage of these advisories at the beginning of the application process. At the Central Study Advice, you will be accurately informed about the conditions of the probationary study period and procedure; at this time you can also address any general questions about the degree program. The Central Study Advice will be able to explain if there is a sufficiently close connection between your training, occupation and the desired study program and can provide information on subject-specific questions.

You would conduct the Academic Advisory discussion with the Associate Dean of Medical Studies or the assistant for studying and teaching, Anna Klein. You can arrange an appointment for the academic advisory discussion with the Department of Research and Teaching.

Department of Research and Teaching
 Frau B. Gordon-Traeger, M.A. (Human medicine
Tel.: 06131 17-9854

 Frau I. Schmidt (Dentistry)
Tel.: 06131 17-9866