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Collaborative Degree Programs with other Departments

  • BA Informatics
  • Diploma Degree Program Biomedical Chemistry
  • MA Biomedicine
  • BA / MA Applied Physics
  • Master Degree Program M.SC. CINMED-AM

BA Informatics

This bachelor degree program provides thorough knowledge of informatics. The aim of this study is to achieve skills, to obtain a professional overview from the whole situation and using appropriate scientific methods to be able to solve these problems. The core area will completed by the students in the first three semesters and includes content from informatics and mathematics which are necessary, independent of the chosen focus. These focal subjects and further compulsory modules are covered in the fourth to sixth semesters.

Since the winter semester of 2003/2004, the Universitätsmedizin Mainz has been participating in the form of some teaching to the focusing subject.

The bachelor degree program can only be started in the winter semester.

Student Advisory Service
Dr. Hans-Jürgen Schröder 
Staudingerweg 9 
Zi. 05-225 
Tel.: + 49 (0) 6131 39-23605


Diploma Degree Program in Biomedical Chemistry

Since the winter semester of 2002/2003, the department of chemistry, pharmacology and geosciences has been offering an undergraduate course in biomedical chemistry in cooperation with the university medical centre. This basic course includes inorganic, analytical, physical and organic chemistry, biochemistry as well as experimental physics, biology and mathematics. It is supplemented by classes in theoretical medicine (physiology, toxicology and clinical chemistry). In the main study section, alongside the compulsory subjects of organic and biochemistry, there are two compulsory optional subjects complemented by classes in clinical medicine (path physiology and medical microbiology).

In winter and summer semester, the within the university restricted admission diploma degree program can be started.


Student Advisory Service - Chemistry (Diploma)
Dr. Ralf Eßmann
Johann-Joachim-Becher-Weg 14 
1. OG 
Tel.:+ 49 (0) 6131 39-25996


MA Biomedicine

Since the winter semester of 2004/2005, the department of biology and the Universitätsmedizin Mainz offer together a joint master degree program of biomedicine.

The aim of the master degree program of biomedicine is on the one hand learning from specialist knowledge to biology, on the other hand also the acquisition of theoretical expertise in internal medicine/path physiology as well as in the different areas of theoretical medicine (e.g. immunology, pharmacology, toxicology).

This master degree program is for biologists, who want to get a better understanding medical problems, thereby acquiring a higher expertise and qualification to work in biomedical research laboratories.

The Universitätsmedizin Mainz offers some courses individualized for the program (e.g. Practical Clinical Medicine, other courses are  together with the medicine and dentistry students).

In winter semester, the within the university restricted admission master degree program can be started.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jürgen Markl 
Johannes-von-Müller-Weg 6 
Zi. 01-235 
Tel.:+ 49 (0) 6131 39-22314