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E-Learning at the Universitätsmedizin (University of Medicine) Mainz offers students of human medicine and dentistry a central and semester-overlapping E-Learning platform. The internet based E-Learning portal ILKUM (interactive learning targets of the Universitätsmedizin Mainz) provides medical and dental special knowledge.

Case studies and operations can be seen in the form of footage or pictures on, for example, a notebook or iPad. It is structured to navigate main topics. The only E-Learning platform national-wide onto the European competence levels for dentists of the ADEE (Association for Dental Education in Europe) or the Miller-Level at the human medicine is ILKUM and it works in the sense of a learning target catalogue.  The advantage: through this learning-target-catalogue, students get a mind map to what’s really important in their dentistry studies. ILKUM puts users in the position to study independently of the specified curriculum so that they may reach the required competency levels.

The e-learning portal bases on a MYSQL-database and runs on a UNIX-based server with a JAVA-Runtime-Environment. The database is linked with the existing learning platform ILIAS at the Universitätsmedizin Mainz.
The system is also user friendly for teachers, for example the drag and drop function that allows teachers to easily rearrange and manage class material.

For example, the adjustment of teaching content by the drag&drop-funktion is platform-independent possible.

Students of the human medicine and dentistry will get an account for the central ILKUM-platform via their ZDV-account (centre of data processing). Teachers who need an account can request it per email to: ivonne.dietzel(at)

The platform ILIAS is still available for the performance of E-Exams and the deployment of teaching content for little student-groups. At that platform you have to log-in with your ZDV-account. 
Teaching-person send files with teaching contents to: ivonne.dietzel(at) Please name the place where the files have to be saved!

To make a better integration and an overall strategic approach of the E-Learning-activities at the Universitätsmedizin to develop further, the Committee on Teaching ("Ausschuss für die Lehre") has convened the working group E-Learning and Innovative Teaching-forms ("AG eLearning & innovative Lehrformen").

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