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Outline - Dentistry Degree Program

The training/education of dentists is regulated nationally by the approbation regulations for dentists (Approbationsordnung für Zahnärtze, ZÄAppO). Information on the organisation and content of the study sections as well as on the lectures, courses and internships can be found in approbation regulation for dentists (Approbationsordnung) and study regulations (Studienordnung).


The standard study duration is 5 years and 3 months.


First Study Phase - preclinical area (vorklinischer Bereich)
1st – 5th semester
After the second semester there it is an intermediate science examination.

Dentistry Intermediate Examination - Preliminary Examination (Zahnärztliche Vorprüfung [Physikum])
physiological chemistry    
Second Study Phase - clinical area (klinischer Bereich)
6th -10th semester

Dentistry Examination - State Medical Examinations (Zahnärztliche Prüfung [Staatsexamen])
- 4 major subjects
- 7 minor subjects

Preclinical Study Phase / Foundation Course 1st – 5th semester

  • Attendance of lectures, practical sessions, and courses.
  • Biology, physics and chemistry, anatomy, physiology and physiological chemistry, material science, propaedeutics and prosthodontics.
  • The subject matter is discussed and practiced in courses and practical training and there are demonstrations and presentations. The students also perform their own work and experiments.
  • After the second semester, there is an intermediate science examination ('pre-preliminary examination') in chemistry, physics and biology.
  • After the fifth semester, there is a dentistry preliminary examination ('Physikum') in anatomy, physiology, physiological chemistry and prosthodontics.


Clinical Study Phase / Main Study 6th - 10th semesters

  • At the centre of this study phase are the general medical subjects (hygiene, micro biology, pharmacology, pathology, surgery, internal medicine, ENT diseases, skin diseases and radiology) and above all, practical training in dentistry.
  • Lectures, exercises and courses in conservative dentistry, periodontics, dental surgery, prosthodontics, orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery. In these courses, the students are initially familiarised with dentists’ treatment units and working techniques, subsequently patients are treated.
  • Lecture- and course-related certificates from the lectures and courses.
  • Dentistry examination (state medical examination) in 4 major subjects and 7 minor subjects.