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Funding for tertials abroad


If you intend to complete part of your practical year in a member state of the European Union, funding is available in the form of an ERASMUS grant. You can find detailed information on the application procedure at


Before your stay abroad

After having independently applied for a practical year placement abroad, it is important that you conclude a Learning Agreement for Traineeships in order to be eligible for funding. When completing the Learning Agreement, which must be signed by the Faculty of Medicine, please make sure you enter the following information: 

Under "Sending Institution”

  • Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Arnold-Fabian

Under “The Sending Institution” (p. 4)

  • Award ECTS Credits – YES (30 ECTS credits for a full tertial, 15 ECTS credits for a half tertial)
  • Give a Grade - NO
  • Record in Diploma Supplement – NO
  • Record in Transcript of Records – NO
  • Record in Europass Mobility Document – NO

Under “The Receiving Organization/Enterprise”

  • Trainee covered by accident insurance provided by sending institution – NO
  • Trainee covered by liability insurance provided by sending institution – NO

Under “Responsible Person”

  • Dr. Arnold-Fabian
  • Managing Director Faculty of Medicine

Please remember to sign your Learning Agreement before you send it to us and also to include the certificate of equivalence with your Learning Agreement! Please send both documents to, you can hand them in at the reception of the Department of Research and Teaching (Build. 912) or send them by post.


During your stay abroad

You will need to obtain certification that you have completed your practical training over a period of 16 weeks in the appropriate department. To do this, please use the template provided by the State Examination Board of Rhineland-Palatinate (LPA). The tertial certificate is required both for payment of your ERASMUS grant and for recognition of your tertial by the State Examination Board. Other documents cannot be accepted.


After your stay abroad

In order to issue the C3 document for your ERASMUS funding, we will require the following documents:

  • Certificate of equivalence
  • Tertial certificate

Please be sure to send us the correct C3 document. Even though when studying medicine in Germany no ECTS credits are actually awarded, ERASMUS guidelines require them to be shown on the document. To find the correct C3 document, proceed as detailed on the following site: -> The recognition by the faculty -> ECTS credits.

Assistance in completing documents:

  • For a full tertial 30 ECTS credits are awarded, and for a half tertial 15 ECTS credits.
  • Signatory: Dr. Arnold-Fabian 
  • Function: Representative for International Student Affairs