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Tenure Committee (TK)


Permanent members

University teaching staff:

Professor Bilal Al-Nawas
Professor Kristin Engelhard
Professor Klaus Lieb (V)
Professor Beat Lutz
Professor Wolfram Ruf
Professor Hansjörg Schild
Professor Susann Schweiger


Mr. Lukas Schmülling

Academic staff:

Dr. Holger Buggenhagen

Non-academic staff:

Mr. Sebastian Tensing

Advisory members:

Professor Ulrich Förstermann, Chief Scientific Officer and Dean
Professor Heinz Schmidberger, Vice Dean for Learning and Teaching
Dr. Birgit Pfeiffer, Gender Equality Representative for Academic Personnel

According to Section 6 of the GO Tenure Committee (Collaboration of the Tenure Committee)

The Tenure Committee(TK) consists of permanent and alternating members to suit the procedure in question. The alternating members are appointed by the Faculty Council on an ad hoc basis and participate in the deliberations of the TK and have the right to vote. The Faculty Council appoints three members from the Faculty of Medicine/University Medical Center Mainz; one from the group of university teaching staff, one from the group of JGU teaching staff outside the faculty and one external member with a subject-related background. The permanent members of the TK are entitled to submit recommendations to the Faculty Council

Legal status

Regulations for implementing academic evaluation procedures to perpetuate and extend the employment contracts of university teaching staff employed on a fixed-term basis.

- Tenure Regulations (TO) - (Pdf-file, 267,1 KB)

In Faculty 04 - University Medical Center of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, dated 25 October 2018, last amended on 5 November 2020


Supplementary information on the parameters – learning and teaching (Pdf-file, 88,4 KB)

Determined by the Tenure Committee on 11 September 2019

The Faculty Council entrusts the Tenure Committee (TK) with determining the awarding of tenure to university teaching staff with fixed-term contracts on a case-by-case basis.

A particular TK evaluates the professional performance to date of the employed staff member. Following this evaluation, the TK recommends or advises against continuation or extension of a professorship.

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