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Student Council of Medicine

The Student Council of Medicine consists of students at the University Medical Center Mainz. Each semester, two councils are elected at a general assembly of students at University Medical Center Mainz: one representing students in the clinical study phase and one representing students in the preclinical study phase.

The Student Council promotes the interests of students studying medicine. As such, it mediates between students and the Chief Scientific Officer, Vice Dean for Learning and Teaching, the Department of Research & Teaching, the individual departments and institutes, and other institutions involved in teaching such as the teaching hospitals of the University Medical Center Mainz, with the aim of improving teaching in the long term. For this purpose, the Faculty Council has representatives present in, among other bodies, the Committee for Teaching, the Committee for the Advancement of Early-Career Researchers, and each committee appointing professors at the University Medical Center Mainz.

By organizing student events such as lecture series, the Student Council also offers students subject-specific and interdisciplinary support and continuing education. In addition, there is close cooperation with student initiatives such as the Teddy Clinic and Medinetz. The work of the Student Council is supported and funded by the Association for the Promotion of Medical Education in Rhineland-Palatinate (FMR).

Preclinical student council:

Clinical student council: