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Committee for Equal Job Opportunities

Committee for Equal Job Opportunities, wich was established in 2008 as an autonomous committee of the faculty, urges the implementation of equality of job opportunities for female and male scientists. The target of the committee is to reduce the under-representation of women in highly qualified working fields within the University Medical Center and the creation of family-friendly structures.
Therefore the committee cooperates with the equal opportunity officer of the Johannes Gutenberg-University and the University Medical Center.
The provided measures (networking, mentoring, practical  assistance) are meant to support the careers of female scientists, including the young as well as the experienced ones.

Programme for promoting women at the University Medical Center of Mainz (Pdf-file, 352,2 KB) (German language)

Committee for Equal Opportunities

The Committee for Equal Opportunities arose from an initiative group for the advancement of women. It has existed since the 2008 summer semester as an independent faculty committee with the task of furthering implementation of equal opportunities for female and male scientists. Its objectives are to reduce the current underrepresentation of women in more highly qualified areas of the University Medical Center Mainz and to establish family-friendly structures. The committee works closely with the Gender Equality Representatives of the University Medical Center Mainz and the university. The committee seeks to promote the careers of female scientists by means of targeted measures (mentoring, networking, concrete assistance), with the concept involving both young and experienced female scientists (doctoral candidates through to members who have already achieved their post-doctoral lecturing qualification (habilitation)).


Equal opportunities plan at the University Medical Center Mainz 2018–2024 (Pdf-file, 2,6 MB)

Chairwoman of the Commitee