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Technology Transfer

The University Medical Center Mainz is one of the strongest partner and member of the patent association Rhineland-Palatinate. This is not only shown in numerous submitted invention disclosures (ca. 20 invention disclosures per year) and from this resulting new patents, but also in the successful spin-offs (10 spin-offs in 10 years). Lots of research collaborations and third-party funding (more than 40 million Euro) clarify the interest of the University Medical center in scientific know how.

So that the development proceeds successfully in future also, the course has already been set for future development in the University Medical Center. In the last years, a contact person for the technology transfer field has been employed in the office of the dean.

All necessary information and contacts with regard to technology transfer at the University Medical Center are provided on the following pages.

Contact person

 Dr. Matthias Schwabe
Phone: 0049 6131 17-9704
Fax:     0049 6131 17-9669

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