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Founding Office of the University Medical Center

The University Medical Center’s Founding Office is part of the inter-university founding office of the University, University of Applied Sciences and University Medical Centre Mainz with the objective of supporting founding-affine potentials from science and research and further developing academic founding events at the University Medical Centre Mainz. Through the active collaboration of the three academic locations, it is possible to fall back on the large founding network as well as existing expertise.

The highly qualified and committed team informs students, members of staff and alumni interested in founding and accompanies them on their way into hiving off enterprises, company/practice takeovers and independence.

The Founding Office offers the following range of services:

  • varied and diverse information on the topic of founding (hiving-off)

  • individual counselling and accompaniment for founding projects

  • support with the development of ideas

  • financing, promotion programmes and competitions

  • contacts to external co-operation partners and venture capital providers

  • functions on the topic of founding opportunities and their implementation

  • lecture and qualification

Your contact at the newly established Founding Office at the University Medical Center Mainz is Ms. Bettina Kollar (tel.: 06131 17-9705;gruendungsbuero(at), office hours: tuesday, 10.00h - 12.00h andby appointment).

Start ups and Self-employment

Are you playing with the idea of starting your own business? We can assist you with this and also offer you the opportunity to participate in various related events.

Information events

Medical start up and entrepreneur meeting (MUT)

Young start ups and future entrepreneurs from the medical sector in Mainz hold quarterly meetings to exchange experiences and to support each other. This platform promotes networking and helps to form strategic cooperation.



LIME medical

founded 09. November 2016


Lime medical develops, produces and distributes innovative Rehabilitation robots for follow-up-treatment of fingers. Due to a lack of professionals and resources, current follow-up tratment of the Hand after a work-related accidents or a stroke is insufficient. With the developement of HERAX, the Startup Company is expanding the application of Robot-physiotherapy for knee and shoulder injuries to Treatment of fingers as well. HERAX not only provides patients with intensive physical therapy, it also allows them to do so from the comfort of their own home. HERAX is controlled via an easy-to-use Smartphone app, which adjusts Treatment to fit the individual patient's Needs.


founded 2016


Value preservation and sustainability is of primary importance for prodessa. The aim of this Startup Company is to find re-utilization for all kinds of household goods, furniture, and clothing. In addition, prodessa also focuses on finding eco- and evironmentally friendly disposal methods for goods that are non-reusable and non-recyclable.


founded 24. August 2015

The Mission at LENICURA (a name inspired from the Latin words "lenitatis" meaning "gentleness" and "curatio" meaning "treatment") is to help people who suffer from hidradenitis suppurativa/ Acne inversa and acute skin abscesses, by developing an effective, non-invasive treatment method. In cooperation with the University Medical Center Mainz, Lenicura developed just such a treatment , lAight® therapy. The NICE study carried out by the Department of Dermatology under the supervision of Univ.-Prof. Dr. von Stebut-Borschitz, was completed in September 2016 and is currently in publication. On January 25, 2017, lAight® therapy was accepted as the first physical therapy option for the treatment of acne inversa, acute abscesses, and acne Europe-wide.

LENICURA’s lAight® therapy is part of a large care concept for those affected, available at various locations in collaboration with a network of outpatient wound centers and medical practices. This innovative therapy will for the first time make possible comprehensive treatment of patients with acne inversa. Acne inversa is the most severe of inflammatory Skin diseases and affects an estimated 3 million people.

Präventim GmbH

founded 23. February 2015

Founder (from UMC-Mainz): Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Schwarting

The purpose of the company is the promotion and management of supply and research networks, as well as the coordination and developement of prevention projects for personal and occupational healthcare. On the one hand, this includes management of the rheumatism network Adapthera and on the other hand, management of the prevention project "Gesund um Beruf" ("Health in Career") in cooperation with the employers association Chemie Rheinland-Pfalz and the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Rheinland-Pfalz.

Fit und Beweglich

founded 2015

Founder (from UMC-Mainz): Johannes Funk


The idea of "Fit und Beweglich" is to offer competent physiotherapeutical treatment and medical pilates training and coaching under one roof in order to strengthen your mental and physical health.

Mainz Screening Center

founded 13. Dezember 2014

Founder (from UMC-Mainz): Prof. Dr. Shirley Knauer, Dorothèe Gößwein

The objectives of this company is to provide allround-services and product sales in the areas of life science and nanotechnology.

Cluster für Individualisierte ImmunIntervention (Ci3) Management UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

founded 2012


The Vision of Ci3 is to bring together the outstanding expertise in the Rhine-Main cluster region with regard to drugs, therapeutic approaches and diagnostics in the field of individualized immune intervention and to establish the region as a global leader. Ci3’s ambitious – and achievable – goal is to provide long-term benefits for all health care stakeholders (patients, payers, health care providers and manufacturers) by supporting both the innovative products developed in the cluster as well as the relationships among the cluster’s Players.


founded 2010

Founder (from UMC-Mainz): Lena Müller, Markus Oermann, Christian Rathgeber

DEVEOPmed.aids aims are to give disadvantaged children from Burkina Faso, West Afrika acess to medical care. Since the country lack health insurance and many familiey are poor, DEVELOPmed.aid seeks to meet the medical needs of children by giving them medical treatment under the guiding principle "small contribution, great impact" (Ger.: "kleiner Einsatz - große Wirkung").

The succsessful story of a spin-off from the University Medical Center Mainz

TRON - Translational Oncology of the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz gGmbH

since 2010
founded by UMC-member: Univ.-Prof. Dr. U. Sahin

The institute for translational oncology (TRON), led as a gGmbH, undertakes a bridging position between science and health care. In the future, the University Medical Center’s research results should be efficiently incorporated into a new diagnostic procedure and pharmaceuticals or vaccines with the help of the institute. TRON’s scope of duties is fundamentals and application-oriented research work in the field of oncology and immunology.

BioNTech AG

since 2009
founded by UMC-member: Univ.-Prof. Dr. C. Huber / Univ.-Prof. Dr. U. Sahin

BioNTech AG is a biotech company developing novel personalized immunotherapy approaches for cancer diagnostics and treatment.

Daughter companies of BioNTech AG :

Logo VMZ

Medical Center - founded by the University Medical Center (UMC) Mainz GmbH

Since 2008
Contact person at UMC: Ms. Döhn, Tel.: 06131 17-7237

Since 2008, the Medical Center is operating with the aim of improving treatment of patients by means of a multidisciplinary approach. The usage of shared resources and a multidisciplinary treatment on the campus of the UMC Mainz are central features of the Medical Center’s mode of operation. The range of services include the following specialties: gynecology, human genetics, neuropsychology, nuclear medicine, laboratory medicine, pathology, radiation therapy. The Medical Center is a 100 percent subsidiary of the University Medical Center Mainz, corporation under public  law.


since: 2007
founded by UMC-members: Prof. Dr. Dr. H. Schröder / Univ.-Prof. W. E. G. Müller

The NanotecMARIN GmbH was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of the BMBF  excellence center via marine biotechnology (“BIOTECmarin”) and is located on campus of Mainz University. The company’s purpose is the development and commercialization of biomaterials and bioactive substances from marine sources for biomedical application, in particular in the field of bone diseases and dentistry. The company has several patents in the area of nanobiotechnology and biomedicine. It also participates in several EU projects with the University Medical Center Mainz.

CADMEI Software-Developement for Medical Systems GmbH

since: 2006
founded by UMC-member: Prof. Dr. T. W. Vomweg

CADMEI GmbH is a software company specialized to Computer Diagnosis in Medical Images.

Galantos GmbH

since 2006
co-founded by UMC-member: Univ.-Prof. Dr. A. Maelicke

The Galantos GmbH is a biopharmaceutical company which focuses on research and development of medication for the treatment of degenerative diseases of the human brain. This includes Alzheimer’s dementia (AD) in particular.

Prenatal International GmbH

since 2005
founded by UMC-member: Univ.-Prof. Dr. M. Tchirikov


since 2003
founded by UMC-member: Prof. Dr. M. Maeurer

The leading task of THYMED GmbH is the application and development of new and medical-relevant test systems for the acquirement of new insights regarding immune function of infectious diseases, tumors, and autoimmunity.

BIOTECmarin GmbH

founded 17. Mai 2002

Founder (from UMC-Mainz): Univ.-Prof. Dr. W.E.G Müller

BIOTECmarin GmbH focuses on the development of active ingredients and biomaterials from marine organisms, whose immense potential as sources for novel bioactive substances ("guiding structures") or enzymes, which are central to the production of biomaterials (for ex. Biosilica), has not yet been fully exploited.

GANYMED Pharmaceuticals AG

founded 2001

Founder (from UMC-Mainz): Univ.-Prof. Dr. C. Huber / Univ.-Prof. Dr. U. Sahin / PD Dr. Ö. Türeci

Ganymed Pharmaceuticals AG is a biopharmaceutical Company focused on developing highly specific anticancer antibodies for targeted Treatment of solid Tumors. It became a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Astellas Pharma  in 2017.


since 1999
co-founded by UMC-member: Univ.-Prof. Dr. C. von Eichel-Streber

The company's remit deals with the usage of bacteria for development and production of innovative bio-pharmaceuticals. With the platform technology of bacterial gen shuttles, the surface changing tgcBacteria, and the tgcBasteria as an innovative gram-positive expression system, the company has unique opportunities of the application of modern Molecular Biology.


founded 1998


VIROSCREEN VIROFEM diagnostics GmbH is an innovative biotechnological corporation with activity fields on the cancer prevention, HPV-diagnostics and safe test systems. Our core competence consists in the detailed knowledge about the buildup and the effects of the human Papillom virus, the main origin of the cervical cancer.

Center for rheumatism-pathology gGmbH

since 1974

As the only institute of pathology worldwide, the Center for rheumatic pathology exclusively works in the field of rheumatic diseases. Through morphological analysis it is their goal to uncover pathogenetic mechanisms, which underlie rheumatic diseases, in order to enable a therapy-optimized diagnostics. Through close cooperation with numerous clinics and orthopedist in private practice worldwide, which send tissue samples for diagnosis, the diagnostic statements are being specified regularly.

Contact person

 Dr. Matthias Schwabe
Phone: 0049 6131 17-9704
Fax:     0049 6131 17-9669

Contact person at the Office of Entrepreneurship