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Since the amendment of Section 43 of the Employee Invention Act (Abeitnehmererfindungsgesetz, ArbNErfG) in February 2002, all university employees are obliged to report their inventions to their employer/the University Medical Center (§ 5 (1) no. 1). This applies to all university employees, irrespective of whether they are employed as professors, scientists, technicians, administrative employees, or otherwise; the decisive factor is the employment contract. The notification of an invention is to be made to the scientific dean with this invention disclosure form.

In close cooperation with the IMG Innovations-Management GmbH and the Patent Association Rhineland-Palatinate, the scientific dean will then decide whether approval is granted or whether the University Medical Center will claim the invention and pursue a patenting procedure.

Important: Under no circumstances may information about an invention be published or information released! Otherwise, patenting is not possible!

What is considered a publication? For example, lectures, posters, diploma or doctoral theses that are available in the university library are all considered publications. Especially with the participation of external staff and doctoral candidates in a research project, it is strongly recommended to sign a unilateral confidentiality statement before disclosing confidential information.

For further information, please visit the homepage of the IMG.


Forms and templates:
Invention disclosure
Confidentiality agreement (German)
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