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By law, all employees of the University Medical Center are obliged to inform the University Medical Center about their inventions. This applies to anyone employed at a University, regardless of being a professor, a scientist, an engineer, administrator or other employee. The crucial factor is an employment contract. In case you would like to announce an invention, please use this following standard form (Pdf-file, 91,9 KB)

Collaborating with the IMG Innovations-Management GmbH and the patent association of Rheinland-Pfalz, the scientific director decides if there will be an approval or if the University will claim the invention and pursue a patenting procedure.

Important: Under no circumstances are you allowed to publish information about an invention before the patent application. Otherwise patenting is not possible!
That is, for example, no lectures, posters or any dissertations which are present at the University’s library.

Particularly if external staff and doctoral candidates are involved in a research project, it is recommended to sign a unilateral declaration of confidentiality before confidential information is given away.

For further information, please visit the homepage of the IMG.


Contact person

 Dr. Matthias Schwabe
Phone: 0049 6131 17-9704
Fax:     0049 6131 17-9669

Contact at IMG GmbH

IMG Innovations-Management GmbH

 Dr. M. Kaltwasser
Phone: 0049 6131 17-9770
Fax:    0049 6131 17-9954