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Welcome to the Department of Research

The academic work conducted by the physicians and researchers in the various departments at UMC-Mainz is characterized by its very broad range of subjects that seek to comprehend the most fundamental processes of life. Among the different research topics, the following key research areas were defined: immunology, translational neuroscience, cancer biomedicine, preventive medicine and minimal invasive surgery.  The publication of many outstanding papers in recent years and the amount of competitive third-party funding have helped the University Medical Center to assert its leading position among German and international universities.

Its success in attracting third-party funding has also led to an increase in the number of publications, projects, and patents which are regularly updated in the Research Database/Knowledge Management System (WiMS). 

The University Medical Center is particularly committed to training the next generation of physicians and scientists enrolled in graduate programs. Postdoctoral scholars and young group leaders are associated in the UMC-Mainz PostDoc Community, which provides support on research- and non-research-related questions. If you are working as a scientist at the University Medical Center or plan to do so, please contact 
us if you need assistance finding funding opportunities for clinical and basic research projects.

Department of Research

Contact person

Dr. Silvia Tschauder

Department Head

Tel.: 06131 17-9695

Dr. Angela Clement

Deputy Head of the Department / Research Advisor
Tel.: 06131 17-9948

Janina Preuß

Research Advisor
Tel.: 06131 17-9587


Research Advisor

Nadine Eigelsbach

Research Administration
Tel.: 06131 17-9709