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Research Center for Natural and Medical Sciences

Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Trials (IZKS) Mainz

The Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Trials (Interdisziplinäres Zentrum Klinische Studien, IZKS), founded in 1999, is an academic coordination center for clinical trials and a central facility of the University Medical Center Mainz (UMC).

IZKS closely cooperates with all clinical institutes and divisions of UMC. Additionally, it conducts numerous scientific projects with partners in Germany and Europe. Its core competences are:

  • Delivering quality-oriented support to clinical researchers, scientists, public institutions and companies planning an Investigator Initiated Trial (IIT) or a Sponsor Initiated Trial (SIT)
  • Providing professional, GCP compliant consulting, planning, coordination, evaluation and publication of clinical trials in accordance with all applicable legal requirements
  • Improving qualification of clinical trial personnel by organising certified trainings and seminars to investigators, scientists, study nurses, clinical research associates and medical students on a regular basis
  • Offering in-house trainings upon request

Furthermore, the IZKS has developed its own focus within translational research as well as health care research. For example, IZKS provides key services in a translational project which receives funding from the Federal Joint Committee (Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss - G-BA) to develop new forms of health care and has also created a registry for several indications facilitating state-of-the-art information technology.


 Christian Ruckes, Head of IZKS (acting)

Telephone: 06131/17-9913


Neuroimaging Center Mainz (NIC)

Researchers at the Neuroimaging Center Mainz (NIC) have joined forces to develop an interdisciplinary approach to combine positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for functional imaging. Whereas the combined PET/MRI was originally used only for human patients, a new animal PET/MRI was established in 2006. The major goal of the neuroimaging center is to develop new paradigms of functional imaging, especially for neurophysilogical questions.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. R. Kalisch


Translational Animal Research Center (TARC)

The Translational Animal Research Center provides animals, lab space and equipments necessary for animal breeding and testing.

 Dr. Jan Baumgart
Hanns-Dieter-Hüsch Weg 19
Telephone: 06131 39-21309

Biomaterials in Medicine

In 2013, the Long-term experience and Technology of the former Department of Applied Structure and Microanalysis and the those of the University Medical Center's material science Focus Group BiomaTiCS were merged together into one scientific platform. This interdisciplinary platform offers all materical science oriented reseearch Groups the technical opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation in this field. The Research and development of new medical applications is the central duty of the platform.



 Univ.- Prof. Dr. Dr. B. Al-Nawas

Telephone: 06131-17-3752



 Hermann Götz

Telephone: 06131-17-9795

Research Center for Natural and Medical Sciences

In 1985, the necessity for a cross-departmental restructuring of biomedical research lead to the establishment of the "Research Center for Natural and Medical Sciences" (NMFZ). The NMFZ has been supporting research on the molecular aspects of the structure and funktion of biologically active systems ever since. It has developed into one of the most important research funding institutions for the organzation of special biomedicalrResearch fields. The achievements of foundation-based, third-party funded research in the fields of cell and molecular biology as well as immunology reached such a large dimension by the end of the 1980s that the state government decided to improve conditions by building a third-party funding building.

Various fields (medicine, biology, chemistry, and physics) and DFG-special research areas cooperate together at the NMFZ. Aside from the foundational research, it supports clinical-experimental research and other projects of doctors and scientists.

 Univ.-Prof. Dr. S. Grabbe
Chairman of Coordination-Board NMFZ
Telephone: 06131 17-7112