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Collaborative Research at the University Medical Center

The University Medical Center’s research cluster consists of the research areas “Research Center Immunology”, “Research Center Translational Neurosciences”, ”Center for Translational Vascular Biology”, and “BiomaTiCS – Biomaterials, Tissues, and Cells in Science”.


The Medical Center intensively supports Collaborative Research Centers (CRC; German: Sonderforschungsbereich/SFB). Those are long-term university research centers in which scientists and researchers work together within a cross-disciplinary research program.

Furthermore, there is a DFG funded connection: the CRC/Transregio. The CRC needs to have a clear local and supra-regional interconnectedness of cross-disciplinary research interests and material resources. It also is an alternative for the regular CRC.


The research cluster also includes the BMBF-funded research- and treatment center. The link of clinical research and patient care, which enable new and more effective therapies, are paramount.

Research groups are funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation). This is about a medium-term merger of several great scientists. These scientists work in concert on a particular research question, which in its thematic, time or financial parameters goes beyond the ‘normal’ scope for applications.

In clinical research groups great scientists are supported in their medium-term based and close collaboration of a special research task by the DFG.

Furthermore, the Surgical Regional Study Center Mainz and the Central Coordination Office of the pediatric network (PAED-Net) belong to nine interdisciplinary working parties and two competence networks.




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