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Postdoc Community

University Medical Center Mainz (UMC) - Postdoc community

The UMC postdoc community is an informal association of all UMC postdoctoral fellows. On behalf of the community, the postdoc committee (a group of postdoc volunteers) helps to organize events and activities for postdocs at UMC, and mediates interactions with UMC's faculty and administration.

Specifically, the association aims to:

  • create a network of scientific and social interactions among postdocs across UMC units

  • facilitate communication with UMC faculty and administration

  • help provide information on funding and career development

If you are interested in doing your postdoctoral work at UMC, contact the group leader of your choice directly to ask about opportunities. Information about each group's research topics can be found in our research database or on the homepages of each institute.

Information regarding your visit as an international scientist can be found at

Reading our Postdoc–ABC (Pdf-file, 427,6 KB) might help you get started in Mainz.

If you have any questions regarding being a postdoc at the UMC or if you are a postdoc at the UMC and would like to exchange lab tools and methods, you can  contact us.

We will do our best to answer your questions.

Contact person

Dr. A. Clement
Tel.: 06131 17-9948