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Prizes, Scholarships, Grants

Boehringer Ingelheim Prize

The Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation awards the Boehringer lngelheim Prize annually to deserving researchers at the University Medical Center Mainz. Prize money to the amount of 30,000 € is divided equally between two researchers, one from the area of theoretical medicine  and one from clinical medicine. The Boehringer Ingelheim Prize is awarded for a high-ranking scientific publication from an advanced junior researcher (postdoctoral fellow, habilitant, junior research group leader, junior professor) in a prominent author position for this piece (first authorship or correspondence/senior authorship). The publication must have been published or accepted for publication during the previous year. The call for applications is published at the beginning of each year by the Chief Scientific Officer. 


The call for applications for the BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM Prize 2021 will be published here.

Hedwig St. Denis-Stiftung

In her will dated 30 January 1967, Hedwig St. Denis, born Rapp, left the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz a quarter of her fortune for use in scientific research. The foundation supports projects in the field of cancer research and control. Research groups or individuals from the University Medical Center Mainz active in this field are eligible to apply for research funding from the foundation. 


Further information on the foundation and its funding opportunities is available here (GER).

Robert Müller-Stiftung

The Robert-Müller-Siftung was founded in 1966 by publisher Robert Müller from Wiesbaden-Sonnenberg. The foundation's sole purpose is the promotion of research in the field of medicine, especially in the area of angio-cardiology. Eligible for funding are institutions for research and teaching, short term, limited scope research projects, scholarly papers and publications, as well as cost reimbursements for research and study trips. In addition, the foundation awards an annual Forschungspreis (research prize)  which includes a 5,000 € monetary award. Using the recommendation of the Board of Advisors, the foundation's Managing Board decides which proposals will be funded.


Further Information on the foundation and its funding options can be found here (GER).

Sibylle Kalkhof-Rose-Stiftung

The Sibylle-Kalkhof-Rose-Stiftung was founded in 2006 by Sibylle Kalkhof-Rose and an anonymous donor, as an independent foundation under the umbrella of the Johannes Gutenberg University Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to support excellent junior scientists by awarding scholarships and prizes. For this purpose, the foundation works closely with the Gutenberg Academy for Young Researchers, which is part of the concept for structured doctoral training at JGU. The Gutenberg Academy offers special support to the 25 best doctoral students of the university across all disciplines.

More information on the eligibility conditions is available here (GER).

Stiftung Mainzer Herz

Stiftung Mainzer Herz, founded in 2007, is a recognized charitable foundation dedicated to actively and effectively combating cardiovascular diseases through the contiunal improvement and promotion of research and teaching, as well as of patient care at the Department of Cardiology at UMC. This starts already with preventative care for heart-related diseases and ends with optimized care of patients who have suffered acute myocardial infarction.


More information about the foundation and its work can be found here (GER).

Susanne Marie Sofie Haufen-Stiftung

The objective of the Susanne Marie Sofie Haufen-Stiftung of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is to provide financial support to students in the field of medicine and epidemiology by granting scholarships of 300 € per month for a maximum of 12 months. Applications are open to students at enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine at JGU, who have strong academic promise despite financial need.

Further information on the foundation and its work can be found here (GER).


The Tancré Stiftung was founded on 9 September 1965 by Dr. med. Ella Tancré (from Wiesbaden) in Honor of her husband, Dr. med. Erich Tancré. The purpose of the foundation is to promote young researchers in field medicine by awarding one-time scholarships (prize money) for outstanding dissertations to worthy doctoral candidates enrolled at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Candidates must be nominated in order to apply for an award; the nominating faculty member must be employed at the Faculty of Medicine at JGU.

More information on the the foundation and the award is available here (GER).