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The first step in any research project is to find the appropriate tender. All Horizon 2020 tenders can be found within the three biggest subprograms:


1. Excellent Science

2. Industrial Leadership

3. Societal Challenges

as well as within smaller program lines:

4. Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation

5. Science with and for Society

6. European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

7. Euratom


At the European Project Office we will advise and help you choose the right tender!

EU-Scoping Papers: Update

The new draft programme SC1-Health is available. Please note that Deadlines have been moved up to April 2018. Here are overviews of the tentative calls under the new programmes:

For further Information on these programs, please contact us.

EPO Contact Person

Telephone: 06131-17 9705

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